“Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation-” is a spin-off title of the “Phantom of the Kill” series that incorporates Web3 elements.

"Phantom of the Kill" is a mobile game title developed and operated by Studio FgG that has been downloaded over 6 million times. This tactical RPG blends strategy with drama, featuring a wide variety of skills, a deep character growth system, and a dramatic story about girls bearing the names of legendary weapons.

“Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation-” is a brand-new game that uses the characters and world of “Phantom of the Kill.” In this game, players can train the Killer Princesses that appeared in “Phantom of the Kill,” developing their stats and skills to create their own unique Killer Princesses.

Battles progress automatically in the background--even when the game isn’t running--and players receive rewards based on the number of victories. Players can also compete against one another and earn rewards for reaching high ranks.

Players can train up their Killer Princesses in these kinds of content and then convert them into NFTs. Once a character has become an NFT, they can be exported from the game and traded with other players on the marketplace. Players can even earn crypto assets via the GameFi elements present in the game.

This white paper will introduce the features and elements of "Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation-,” as well as the token economics that incorporate blockchain technology.

Note that this white paper is based on game content currently under development. It may be updated or revised in the future.

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